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Hi there and thanks for your interest in checking this site. :)

I'm a passionate gamer who is mostly known for being a successful Hearthstone player, streamer, coach and writer. I consider most of my content to be educational since I go into the details of my plays. Well, and because people told me I was very educational and informative. :P

If you want to know more about me and my content, feel free to check my introduction. For everything else, you can simply check the navigation. If you miss something here, please let me know.

Current Streaming Schedule: Hiatus

Since I got a new job recently, I'm pretty much into casual mode, especially regarding live streaming and recording. However, I'll let you know when I plan to go live again on Twitter.

Many, many hours of my gaming content is still available on YouTube though, so you can check episodes out that you missed. :D I'm not feeling much like coaching at the moment either, sorry. However, this is just a break to recover and come back stronger. It's not the end! :P


November 30th

Another run to legend that might be interesting for you! :) I played a lot of Dragon Priest this season and ended up going from rank 2 (0 stars) to legend in less than two hours. You can watch the Legend Priest Climb here! :)

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